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April 3, 2019
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April 21, 2019
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Why You Should Invest in the SFT2020

Easy HACCP Records System

Q: My people are currently using an accurate temperature probe and recording their food temperature results on paper. Why should I spend several hundred dollars going digital with the SFT2020?

A: Because it makes perfect business sense. Here are 10 good reasons:
Save Time and Money

  1. Every SFT2020 will save you hundreds of hours of paperwork per year.
  2. You will typically reduce your HACCP labour cost by more than $4000 per annum so the instrument will have paid for itself in just a few weeks.
  3. Human transcription errors are completely eliminated.
  4. The SFT2020 records provide you with solid evidence, should this ever be needed.
  5. Your staff and supervisors will find HACCP much quicker and less onerous but they will also become more disciplined in their testing and corrective action procedures.
  6. Digitisation is a rapid global trend
  7. Your food safety audits will be easier and less stressful for all concerned.
  8. More hygienic process instead of using pen and paper.
  9. Automatic formatting of reports means standard reporting.
  10. Records can be shared electronically throughout the organisation.


Q: Can you explain how the SFT2020 is actually going to save my business hundreds of hours of HACCP paperwork per year?

Digital Food Temperature ProbeA: There are several steps in the process of generating HACCP Food Temperature Records on paper. At each step the SFT2020 drastically reduces or completely eliminates the time your team are currently spending:

  1. The SFT2020 measures and records the temperature accurately within 5 seconds, so a lot of time is saved in the first step of generating each temperature record.
  2. The next step in the process of putting down the probe, writing down the temperature, date and time and having to sometimes make corrective action notes is completely eliminated.
  3. The records are wirelessly transferred to the PC or tablet where they are converted to reports automatically so there is no paperwork to file daily and no manual typing up of results.
  4. Food Temperature Reports are automatically emailed to as many recipients as required, so everyone can be in the loop and share the information.
  5. Records do not get misplaced, so no time is wasted finding lost paperwork. This is especially valuable during audits.

For product details please visit the product pages SFT2020 or Hawk-Eye 800WS