The SFT2020 – A Revolution in HACCP Temperature Management

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February 21, 2018
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March 5, 2018
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The SFT2020 – A Revolution in HACCP Temperature Management


Someone recently asked me what inspired me to invent the SFT2020.

It’s quite a funny story but somewhat concerning at the same time. One day I was eating lunch at a restaurant in a well-known tourist area of Sydney. I noticed that the chef was measuring the cooked chicken temperature with an infrared thermometer. I asked him why he wasn’t probing the food and he said that if he probed food with a thermometer, he would have to use alcohol wipes, so it was saving money and time to use the infrared thermometer.

I advised him to check the Food Safety Standards, but I think this message fell on deaf ears. Anyway, apart from deciding not to eat there again, it got me thinking about the question of time and the pressure on kitchen staff who are always in a rush when measuring temperature and generating their HACCP records.

I asked several facility managers how they maintained their HACCP temperature records and most confirmed that all their records were handwritten at the time of measurement. They acknowledged that this was a time consuming and error prone process.

Given that Salmonella poisonings are on the increase according to both State and Commonwealth Government Reports, careful attention to maintaining food at a safe temperature has never been more important than now.

Having established that there is a very real need to improve the way HACCP Temperature records are generated, I set about developing an instrument and associated software that would make the process more accurate, more hygienic and quicker. I named this instrument and software package, the SFT2020 HACCP System

A further benefit arising out of the development of the SFT2020 is that the labour saved in taking temperatures and creating reports reduces costs substantially and pays for the instrument in 2 months or less.  It also allows your staff to spend more of their time on improving food quality.

In summary, the SFT2020 gives managers of food facilities peace of mind knowing that:SFT2020 Commercial HACCP Food Thermometer

  • Their food temperatures are accurate (+/-0.5oC) over the range -20oC to +110o
  • Less time is taken on each measurement (only 5 seconds per measurement)
  • No handwritten records so no transcription errors.
  • Follow up actions must be selected if a temperature is outside of the acceptable range.
  • All settings and results are transferred by Bluetooth, so no need to plug in any cables.
  • Reports are automatically generated with all the required details for each food:
    • Name of person who tested the foods.
    • Menu Names.
    • Names of foods tested under each menu.
    • Temperature of each food.
    • Date time stamp for each test.
    • Allowable temperature limits for each food.
    • Corrective action selected if temperature was not within limits.
  • Reports are automatically emails to all stakeholders in csv format.
  • Report Viewer allows a stakeholder to view the csv files in a neat looking form that can be then saved as a pdf.

For more information on the revolutionary SFT2020 Food Temperature Safety System, call Wave Industries Pty Ltd on 02 9153 5088