Refrigeration Monitoring, Automatic Alarms and Reporting System

Refrigeration Monitoring, Automatic Alarms and Reporting System - The Hawk-Eye 800 provides an affordable solution suitable for most refrigeration monitoring requirements.

Not knowing if your refrigeration has suffered a breakdown is costly!

Using our refrigeration monitoring system will prevent loss due to breakdowns that happen at night or over weekends.

It can also save you money by alerting you to problems such as doors left open or excessive opening resulting in higher energy usage.

The Hawk-Eye 800 satisfies your HACCP requirements with its automatic scheduled data reporting and demonstrates your due diligence by taking proper care of your potentially hazardous foods.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Monitors 8 temperatures or other measurements.
  • Monitors 4 digital inputs such as doors open or closed.
  • Immediate notification of intelligent alarm messages by email or SMS to all stakeholders.
  • Automatic scheduled reporting by email to everyone who needs it, without any human intervention.
  • Remote login provides world wide secure access, saving time and money and allowing work to be prioritised.
  • Can be tailored to your exact requirements, minimising cost.
  • Siren and flashing light can be connected for local notification of alarms.
  • Easy to analyse and optimise energy usage using the trends and graphing capabilities.
  • Optional UPS keeps the Hawk-Eye 800 operating for several hours in the event of a mains failure.
  • Can be used for gas detection and system protection.
  • Can be applied to hundreds of continuous and batch applications in many industries

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