Protect Your Brand and Reduce the Cost of HACCP Compliance

The SFT2020 – A Revolution in HACCP Temperature Management
February 26, 2018
HACCP Records System
HACCP paperwork is time consuming and sometimes a hassle
April 3, 2019
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Protect Your Brand and Reduce the Cost of HACCP Compliance

At last a HACCP Thermometer that creates complete temperature records and HACCP reports on your computer or tablet, thus eliminating errors and mountains of paperwork and saving thousands of dollars every year.

The SFT2020 is simple for managers, supervisors and food testers to use. It is accurate, rugged,  has a large back-lit display and large font. Each test measurement takes only 5 seconds, so the time spent testing is dramatically reduced. Select the food, probe it, click “Test” and it’s done.

After the testing for the day is done, bring the SFT2020 close to your PC, and transfer the results with a couple of mouse clicks. It exchanges information with your Windows PC or tablet via Bluetooth. No more paperwork and so no errors to resolve.

You can view the reports which are also automatically emailed to all stakeholders. They contain this information neatly tabulated:

  • Food Tester’s Name
  • Menu Name
  • Name of each food in the menu
  • Temperature of each food tested
  • Temperature Limits of each food
  • Date & Time of  each test
  • Corrective Actions selected against each food.
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Here is a summary of the benefits of the SFT2020 HACCP Temperature Records System.

Item Without SFT2020 Using SFT2020
Human Errors Often Very Rare
Records Paper Digital
Transfer of Records to File Manual Filing or typing Wireless and Automatic
 Food Testing Consistency Dependent on individuals Systematic and Automatic
Follow Up Action Consistency Dependent on individuals Cannot be skipped
Stress in Audits High Low
Cost Reduction * 0 $5475
*Based on  testing only 15 foods per day, 365 days per year in a hotel, aged care facility or hospital. Testing more foods will result in more savings.


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