SFT2020 Measures Temperature Accurately in Only 5 Seconds
December 6, 2017
The SFT2020 – A Revolution in HACCP Temperature Management
February 26, 2018
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Measuring Temperature of Foods for HACCP Compliance

Commercial HACCP Food Thermometer

Some food businesses using infrared thermometers only, could one day find themselves in trouble with their Food Authorities. An infrared thermometer cannot produce temperature results that can be relied upon for HACCP. Here is a quote from the Australian Government Food Standards Body.

“These (infrared) thermometers can be very useful for quick checks on the temperature of food, but they are not accurate enough to comply with the requirements in the standards because the surface temperature of the food may differ from its core temperature.”

In addition, the measured result is affected by the emissivity of the surface of the foodstuff and this can vary from the pre-set emissivity of the thermometer.

According to the published standards, a probe type of thermometer with a calibrated accuracy of +/-1oC meets the requirement.

The Safe Food Temp SFT2020 manufactured by Wave Industries exceeds this standard because its accuracy is +/-0.5oC and it can measure the temperature to this accuracy within 5 seconds.

The SFT2020 is far more than a fast acting, accurate food thermometer. It is a complete HACCP Temperature Records System that will comprehensively raise the standard of your food handling methods and eliminates handwritten records whilst reducing your labour cost and freeing up your people to focus on producing better food.

With just a few button pushes it will:SFT2020 Commercial HACCP Food Thermometer


  • Record the name of the person who tested the food
  • Record the name of the Menu
  • Record the name of the food tested
  • Record the date time stamp of the test
  • Record the actual temperature measured.
  • Record the temperature limits for that food
  • Record the corrective action that was taken of the food was outside of the temperature limits.
  • Transfer the results to a local PC or tablet which compiles the HACCP reports and emails then to the required stakeholders.

The benefits of the SFT2020 can be summarised as follows

  • Records are free of handwritten errors.
  • Automatically generated reports
  • SFT2020 measures temperature accurately within 5 seconds.
  • Irrefutable digital records if ever they are required
  • System imposes discipline, thus raising standards of food handling.
  • Audits will be easier.
  • Cost of labour is reduced.