HACCP paperwork is time consuming and sometimes a hassle

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March 5, 2018
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April 18, 2019
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HACCP paperwork is time consuming and sometimes a hassle

HACCP Records System

Do you find HACCP paperwork is time consuming and sometimes a hassle you wish you could do without?

Let’s face it, most food business owners who operate under HACCP, at time feel frustrated at the amount of paperwork that they need to generate and file, the space taken by the records and the associated wages in generating and maintaining those records.

This frustration was something Safe Food Temperature picked up on when we surveyed customers.

There are two areas where we realised we could help reduce labour costs and eliminate paperwork whilst providing several other benefits for the food business owner. This resulted in the development of two systems:

  1. The Hawk-Eye 800WS Wireless system for continuous monitoring of critical temperatures such as, fridges, freezers, displays, packing rooms, tanks, storage rooms etc.
  2. The SFT2020 Wireless system for spot checking of food temperatures during receival, processing, serving and despatch by linking food names to the temperatures measured.

Both systems share several advantages:

  • Each system will save around $4000 per annum in labour costs.
  • Staff freed up to work on improving food rather than paperwork.
  • Temperature Records and Reports are created electronically eliminating handwritten measurements and automatically reporting and emailing the results.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • HACCP audits become easier and less stressful with all records 100% accurate.
  • Free software upgrades for the life of the systems.
  • Australian designed, manufactured and supported.

The additional advantages of the Hawk-Eye 800WS system are: Wireless Temperature Monitoring

  • Temperature alarms are generated and emailed immediately to as many recipients as required.
  • Emails can be converted to SMS as an optional service.
  • Wireless system so no installation required.
  • Can be set up in just a few minutes.
  • Optional set up by factory.

The additional advantages of the SFT2020 system are: Digital Food Temperature Probe

    • Records menu name, food name, temperature, limits, operator and corrective action if any.
    • Enforces discipline in staff so raises standard of food handling.
    • Fast measurement method reduces time to 5 seconds per food.

For product details please visit the product pages SFT2020 or Hawk-Eye 800WS