Food Temperature Probe

You Really Don’t Need to Waste Thousands of Dollars Every Year Creating Paper HACCP Temperature Records.

The SFT2020 creates Digital Food Temperature Records automatically and with 100% accuracy. Going digital eliminates errors, simplifies HACCP and reduces labour.

This revolutionary Australian Made Food Safety Temperature Recording Probe reduces the cost of HACCP and makes it easy and accurate.

The SFT2020 is a handheld Commercial Temperature Probe combined with a HACCP Records System.

It displays the name of the food to be tested, the measured temperature and any corrective action selected.

The results are wirelessly transferred to a local PC, automatically converted to HACCP records and emailed to any number of stakeholders.

It will literally pay for itself in a matter of weeks!!
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Look How Easy it is to Use!

Features and Benefits Summary

  • Backlit Display with big font.
  • Bluetooth transfer of Data and Settings.
  • Accurate and stable using precision RTD probe.
  • Fast measurement over -20°C to 110°C.
  • Stores 300 food names.
  • Stores 300 test results.
  • Date and Time of tests recorded.
  • Low and High limits recorded.
  • Food testers’ names included in records.
  • Corrective Actions recorded.
  • Creates and emails HACCP Reports automatically.
  • View saved copy of HACCP Reports on PC or Tablet.
  • Robust case with protective silicon cover.
  • Free software updates for life of unit.
  • Runs on 4 x AA Batteries.
  • Shows Battery Life in %.
  • Full Calibration with Certificate included.
  • Synchronises clock to World Time.
  • Display contrast adjustable.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1My people are using paper HACCP records currently. Why should I change to digital records?

Several very good reasons:

  • Human transcription errors are eliminated.
  • The records provide you with good evidence should this ever be needed.
  • Your staff will become more disciplined in their procedures.
  • Every SFT2020 will save you hundreds of hours of paperwork per year.
  • Digitisation is a rapid global trend.
  • Your food safety audits will be easier.
  • More hygienic process instead of using pen and paper.
  • Automatic formatting of reports means standard reporting.
  • Records can be shared electronically throughout the organisation.
2Is it easy to retest a food if the reading is outside limits?
Yes, just add the form again as for the first test and select the food you need to retest. The other foods on the list do not have to be tested.
3Can I continue to use the SFT2020 throughout the day and transfer results later?
Yes this is the way the instrument is intended to be used. It will hold up to 300 test records.
4How does the SFT2020 save me hundreds of hours of paperwork per year?

There are several ways the time spent each day on paper temperature records is eliminated:

  • The SFT2020 measures and records the temperature accurately within 5 seconds, so time is saved on each measurement.
  • The process of putting down the probe, writing down the temperature, time and noting any corrective action is eliminated.
  • The records are converted to reports automatically so there is no paperwork to file daily and no manual typing up of results.
  • Records do not get misplaced, so no time is wasted finding lost paperwork.
5If I don’t have a Bluetooth connected PC, how can I use the SFT2020?
We can supply you a USB to Bluetooth Adaptor that plugs into your Windows PC.
6Do you supply PC’s already set up with the SFT2020 software as a complete system?
Yes, we do supply the complete package and at a very reasonable price.
7Can someone help me set up the SFT2020 system if I need assistance?
Yes, our sales staff and local distributors are all trained in the use of the SFT2020. They can install the software, configure the system and make recommendations on setting up your Menus and even do it for you.

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