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March 5, 2018

Protect Your Brand and Reduce the Cost of HACCP Compliance

At last a HACCP Thermometer that creates complete temperature records and HACCP reports on your computer or tablet, thus eliminating errors and mountains of paperwork and saving thousands of dollars every year. The SFT2020 is simple for managers, supervisors and food testers to use. It is accurate, rugged,  has a large back-lit display and large font. Each test measurement takes only 5 seconds, so the time spent testing is dramatically reduced. Select the food, probe it, click “Test” and it’s done. After the testing for the day is done, bring the SFT2020 close to your PC, and transfer the results […]
February 26, 2018

The SFT2020 – A Revolution in HACCP Temperature Management

  Someone recently asked me what inspired me to invent the SFT2020. It’s quite a funny story but somewhat concerning at the same time. One day I was eating lunch at a restaurant in a well-known tourist area of Sydney. I noticed that the chef was measuring the cooked chicken temperature with an infrared thermometer. I asked him why he wasn’t probing the food and he said that if he probed food with a thermometer, he would have to use alcohol wipes, so it was saving money and time to use the infrared thermometer. I advised him to check the […]
February 21, 2018

Measuring Temperature of Foods for HACCP Compliance

Some food businesses using infrared thermometers only, could one day find themselves in trouble with their Food Authorities. An infrared thermometer cannot produce temperature results that can be relied upon for HACCP. Here is a quote from the Australian Government Food Standards Body. “These (infrared) thermometers can be very useful for quick checks on the temperature of food, but they are not accurate enough to comply with the requirements in the standards because the surface temperature of the food may differ from its core temperature.” In addition, the measured result is affected by the emissivity of the surface of the […]
December 6, 2017

SFT2020 Measures Temperature Accurately in Only 5 Seconds

The SFT2020 uses a Pt100 probe which is accurate and repeatable. However, Pt100 sensors, because of their construction, are generally slower than the less accurate thermocouples which are used in lower quality food probes. Yet the SFT2020 produces an accurate reading within 5 seconds. This is 4 – 6 times faster than most sensors which take 20 – 30 seconds to settle on the final temperature. How did we make this technological leap forward?? The answer is that the SFT2020 uses an advanced algorithm developed in-house. The instrument makes several measurements within the first 5 seconds and puts those results […]