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April 18, 2019
Easy HACCP Records System

Why You Should Invest in the SFT2020

Q: My people are currently using an accurate temperature probe and recording their food temperature results on paper. Why should I spend several hundred dollars going digital with the SFT2020? A: Because it makes perfect business sense. Here are 10 good reasons: Every SFT2020 will save you hundreds of hours of paperwork per year. You will typically reduce your HACCP labour cost by more than $4000 per annum so the instrument will have paid for itself in just a few weeks. Human transcription errors are completely eliminated. The SFT2020 records provide you with solid evidence, should this ever be needed. […]
April 3, 2019
HACCP Records System

HACCP paperwork is time consuming and sometimes a hassle

Do you find HACCP paperwork is time consuming and sometimes a hassle you wish you could do without? Let’s face it, most food business owners who operate under HACCP, at time feel frustrated at the amount of paperwork that they need to generate and file, the space taken by the records and the associated wages in generating and maintaining those records. This frustration was something Safe Food Temperature picked up on when we surveyed customers. There are two areas where we realised we could help reduce labour costs and eliminate paperwork whilst providing several other benefits for the food business […]
March 5, 2018

Protect Your Brand and Reduce the Cost of HACCP Compliance

At last a HACCP Thermometer that creates complete temperature records and HACCP reports on your computer or tablet, thus eliminating errors and mountains of paperwork and saving thousands of dollars every year. The SFT2020 is simple for managers, supervisors and food testers to use. It is accurate, rugged,  has a large back-lit display and large font. Each test measurement takes only 5 seconds, so the time spent testing is dramatically reduced. Select the food, probe it, click “Test” and it’s done. After the testing for the day is done, bring the SFT2020 close to your PC, and transfer the results […]
February 26, 2018

The SFT2020 – A Revolution in HACCP Temperature Management

  Someone recently asked me what inspired me to invent the SFT2020. It’s quite a funny story but somewhat concerning at the same time. One day I was eating lunch at a restaurant in a well-known tourist area of Sydney. I noticed that the chef was measuring the cooked chicken temperature with an infrared thermometer. I asked him why he wasn’t probing the food and he said that if he probed food with a thermometer, he would have to use alcohol wipes, so it was saving money and time to use the infrared thermometer. I advised him to check the […]