A flexible food temperature safety system

Our affordable food temperature safety system not only monitors and records refrigeration temperatures but can also be used to measure food serving temperatures - an all-in-one food safety system helping you to meet all of your HACCP requirements.

  • Professional food temperature safety solution that is affordable and reliable
  • Real time alarm notification when temperatures vary outside given parameters
  • Australian designed and manufactured supported by a nationwide warranty
  • 8 temperature display that also stores data and creates trends making compliance easy
  • Offering real time remote access via email, mobile devices or via the web
  • User friendly wall mounted unit with intuitive operation and touch screen technology


Potential Savings

Scheduled temperature reports are automatically compiled daily. This eliminates human error and reduces labour costs by approximately $ 3000 per annum.


Potential Reduced Man Hours

This state of the art system can automatically email or SMS reports and warnings to multiple recipients saving you valuable time and money.

* Statistics shown are approximate and relate to Australia

The truth about food poisoning

Our food temperature safety system is affordable and easy to operate. It will protect your customers and can also reduce your energy costs.

Our food temperature safety system can easily
be integrated into your organisation.

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